Email Marketing

Batch Databases, Personalized Communication

Over the years of doing business, it’s normal to end up with a swathe of different email addresses from various sources. These emails are a goldmine, and using email marketing to turn them into fresh leads is one of the most effective ways to market if done effectively. We can work with you to create databases for customers, tailored just for email communication to maximize ROI. Already have an email marketing plan in place? Let’s see if we can help you improve it!

Database Management

Manage all your email marketing from one place

When it comes to email marketing, each problem has a unique solution. Managing your database correctly to ensure the users get the correct messages is an art, and makes all the difference when it comes to conversion. Let us help you create and manage your database, controlling for factors like demographics and user behavior.

Subject Line Testing

Split testing, to find the most effective methods

The few words in your subject line are the most important to entice your audience to read your content. Testing several subject lines to find the ones that resonate the most can improve the chances of conversion by almost 3x…so don’t discount the power of A/B testing.

Template Creation

Reduce your work by 90%, with templates

Our writers and designers work hand in hand to create stunning, dynamic email templates that marry the best email technology with a visual aesthetic that is universally appealing. We integratetechnology like RSS and automation to make your customers connect to you seamlessly.

Our Approach

Our Strategy has been jumpstarted with years of experience

We have extensive knowledge of the market, and based on years of study we have come up with the following approach, that is guaranteed to provide excellent results.

Designing Email Strategy

All you have to do is give us the information on your business, and we will take care of the rest.

Email Calendar

Sorting leads into hot and cold, we create calendars to maximize conversion rates and revive cold leads

Content Creation and Optimization

Our designers and writers create stunning emails using telemetry and stats to gain retention rates.

Email Marketing Report

We create a detailed email marketing report with tactics to achieve leads and maximize conversions

Email Marketing Goals

Our Email Marketing services are geared to help you achieve the following goals

Generate Buzz

Create media hype and spread word of your product launch.

Increase Revenue

Multiply your income by converting leads.

Link to Multimedia Content

Wow your users with videos, blog posts, and more

Lead Conversion

Convert the maximum leads to sales possible

We Deliver Results

Whether it’s a one-off campaign, or a sustained branding strategy, our results speak for themselves. Take a look at our portfolio

+ 80%

increase Campaign Traffic


increase lead conversion rates


increase Total revenue

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