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PPC, or Pay per Click is a cutting edge way to manage ad spend and attain maximum conversion. Using our PPC management services, you can place your brand at the top of google search results, ensuring maximum visibility. With paid display ads, you will be way ahead of your competitors!

Keyword Analysis

Finding the best keywords in your space

The usage of keywords in all your content defines how your website ranks on search engines. We help you craft the correct Keyword lists for PPC, with careful demographics research and competitor analysis. With these lists, we can optimize your search results and rank you at the top.

Landing page optimization

Readable by Machine, Compelling to a human

The landing page, or first page of your website, has to perform dual duties, appealing to both search engines, that drive traffic, and humans, that are the traffic. Making a landing page optimized for both humans and search engines requires both persuasive content and a discrete call to action

Creating Copy

Enticing Copy for advertising networks

Advertising networks display ads all across the web, but the content of these ads, or copy, is the most important factor between an impression, and a conversion. Turn those eyeballs into leads, and get copy that is written for results.

Our Approach

Our Strategy has been crafted from years of experience.

We have extensive knowledge of the market, and based on years of study we have come up with the following approach, that is guaranteed to provide excellent results.

Demographic Research

Before we begin designing the PPC service, we study the target demographic carefully, creating a map of their wants and dislikes.

Competitor Analysis

We perform competitor analysis to determine the best combination of keywords and terms

Deployment of Campaign

Once the campaign is created, we deploy it, and watch the results roll in, iteratively improving in line with stats and telemetry.

PPC Marketing Report

We generate a PPC Marketing Report with methodologies to accelerate brand identity

PPC Goals

Our targeted PPC services are designed to help you achieve the following goals.

Increased Brand Recognition

Amongst your desired audience

Generation of new leads

For later conversion and cold conversion

One-View Stats

And reports of campaign performance

Streamlined marketing budget

To minimise waste and maximise results

Our Results Say Everything

Our targeted PPC campaigns say everything we need to.

+ 85%

improvement in paid traffic


increase Conversion rates


increase Revenue

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